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© 2019 by Nate G




The Big Picture

Now that you have created a vision of your dream life, dream home now we can draw up the plans. The prints to follow.  Setting up these initial goals will set a path to creating the life you are looking for. 


Personal – relationships, spiritual development, Mindfulness, Stoicism

Professional – Job you have, Business you want, Skill Development

Health and Wellness – Nutritional, Strength, Mobility and Flexibility

Once you know where you want to go you can start to figure out how you are going to get there.  But until you do that you cannot achieve it.  So now that you know the things you want, the kind of lifestyle you want to have, you can begin to create a life that supports that lifestyle.  So many of us think the only way to get the things we want in life is to earn lots of money and buy them.  But there are so many other ways.  Insert the story of the Mexican fisherman and the American businessman.  Creating a lifestyle that you love may not necessarily require a lot of money.  But it will take time, patience, creativity and imagination.  And most importantly a willingness to go for it.  So many people dream small, think short term and have limiting mind sets that make so many things our of reach or feel impossible to achieve.  But I am telling you these things can happen for you.  You don’t even have to know what it is you should be doing.  Just envision the life you want and the opportunities will present themselves so you can create that life.  If you want to spend your life traveling the world, there are ways to do that now.  Well I have kids and responsibilities.  So what.  Why cant they join you.  What better education than experiencing the world. What better place the learn Spanish than in Spain.  What better place to learn about physics than Cern.  There are so many ways you can have the things you want.  But first you have to ask,  You have to want them, you have to be willing to work for them.  But if you follow the process you can have them.  This is how you start to create your blue print.  Once you envision the dream, break it down.  A blue print is not just one page.  It is many pages of the same thing just from different perspectives.  There’s the foundation page, the rough framing page, the plumbing, electrical and HVAC pages that each show the same overall vision but each breaks down their specific sets of information.  Your blue print should do the same.  First what does your foundation page look like.  These are your core values.  Morales.  How you lay out your foundation and what you stand for will forever impact the rest of your structure.  How everything else will fall into place in the future.  Without a solid, principled foundation, you will struggle to build your dream house or your dream life. 

The rough framing page of your blue print is the basic lay out of what you want to achieve.  It’s the outline.  As you develop this page.  You are making sure you have the right rooms and structures.  You begin to lay out your vision.  This is your daily habits, this is how you begin to shape your  routines.  The life you want doesn’t look like the life you have now, so you have to start to change it. The best way to do that is through changing habits.  Replacing bad habits with good ones.  Attaching new habits to existing ones.  Modifying the routine.  Finding better ways.  Begin open to better ways.  Being open to new information and experiences. 

Then you've got the mechanical systems.  These pages of your blue print tell you where to run the water, outlets, switches and vents throughout h the home.  These must be in the right place or else the home will not function effectively or efficiently.  The same with your life or lifestyle.  With out the correct and necessary actions and decisions, your life will not function at its highest capacity.  Think about these steps like diet, exercise and mediation.  These functions are necessary they must be there, they must be used regularly and incorporated into your plans. 

The last few pages of the blueprints are the reliefs the different views.  Roof lines, street view, land lot and schematics.  These pages of your blue print serve to crystallize your vision.  Your dream life.  These are the little daily details that you do to make your business and life successful.  Allotting specific times for emails and limiting their time.  Scheduling time with family and friends.  Refining your business practices to improve your product business or service.  These are the ways you train your employees, how you develop those around you.  The steps it takes to run your business.

Once you have your blue prints You are ready to get started.  The most important thing to remember is that the blueprints are the overarching vision and dream.  There will be notes, modifications, tweaks, twists and improvements made all over every page, but the overall vision remains the finished product, the dream home will remain as the constant reminder of the goal and why you are doing everything you do.  And you see that picture on the front every time you open the prints.