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© 2019 by Nate G


Tear Down and Break Down

Demolition Time!  Time to break down the old walls.  Tear out the old wiring.  This can be a free and liberating time.  What are the habits you have developed over the years that are keeping you from realizing that dream life.  What are the habits you have created that added the extra weight to your waist line?  What are things that you are actively doing every day that are sabotaging your success.  Is there an easy thing you could stop doing today that would have a n immediate and significant improvement to your life?  Or are there several.  List a few and pick one to stop today.






In order to stop these behaviors we have to replace habits replacing bad habits with good ones helps make the transition easier.  So what are the three new habits you would like to adopt and add to your routine?  List these here.






Just like the habits you have now took time to create, getting rid of them will take time as well.  So be easy on yourself.  Go slow.  We are not trying to change the world in a day.  We are just taking one small step in the right direction.  Start small.  I started with a goal to start exercising 2 or 3 days a week for 30 minutes.  When I continually struggled with that goal, I change the behavior to make it easier.  I started playing basketball with friends at church one night a week.. That was a great place to start and allowed me to have a fun experience while getting the exercise and achieving the goal.  Make it easy.  Make it fun.   What are some challenges you could add to the mix that would force the issue.  Whats something hard you could decide to do?  I always encourage everyone to tackle a marathon at some point in their life.  Because everyone has the capability and you learn a lot about yourself in the process.  Especially on race day….